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Our first model of HayPods is the best solution for anyone willing to combine a great value purchase with a sound hearing experience. Coming in a white charging case, its two wireless earphones deliver high quality sound at an accessible price.


Features :  

  • Compatible with iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • More than 3 hours listening time, up to 2 hours talking time
  • A connection that works on both iPhone and Android devices
  • An automatic connection to your phone after the first set-up
  • A long-range connection to your phone until 5 to 10 meters
  • A stable connection while giving calls
  • 3 taps on your right earphone to skip forward
  • 3 taps on your left earphone to skip backward
  • 2 taps on your right or left earphone to pause
  • It contains: a pair of wireless earphones, a charging case, USB cable